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Adventure Racing & Gael Force West Bike Hire

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If you are competiting in an Adventure race this year & need a bike  


 We can offer you some really great Deals on Bike Hire


( Gael Force West Special Offers )


 Hybrid Bikes from €40.00  

Road Bikes from €60.00 ,   Gravel Bikes from €70.00

We are a bike hire company that caters for the needs of Adventure Race Competitors ,

Not just can we supply you with a bicycle for Hire for the Geal Force West Event.

But We deliver all our bicycles & place them into bike transition area (1) by your Name & by Your Race Number saving you time having to trasport a bicycle from the sign-on location to the bike transition area.

Each Bicycles is supplied with a Cycling Helmet , a spare tube , repair kit & mini Pump.

We are also waiting for you in the bike transitions area (2) to collect the bike back from you & point you in the right direction for the last part of the race...........the sprint to the Finish Line.


Our Bikes for Adventure Racing

Merida - Ride Lite 88

Alloy Frame with a Carbon Fork , 16 Spped STI Gearing.

road bike merida

Road Racing Bike Rental for 2 Days € 60.00


Hybrid Bike Rental for 2 Days € 40.00


Gravel Bikes Rental for 2 Days €70.00


We deliver & collect all our bikes hired for the Gael Force West event.( FREE )


Extras with Adventure Race Bike Hire


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